I’m an everyday American trying to do my part in our current sociopolitical reality.

I’m not a political pundit, analyst, nor professional journalist, but I am relatively well-read and always have my finger on the social and political pulse of the country.

There’s been an undeclared war on the truth. We have more access to information than we’ve ever had, but there are those who seek to mislead and misdirect the people in an effort to misinform and distract us. This prevents us from making decisions that are in our best interest, individually and as a whole.

My goal is to give my readers a foundational breakdown of key topics and issues affecting our society. I do inject my opinion into some of my articles if I feel it’s necessary to adequately communicate a point. My articles are fact checked. If a factual error is made, I correct it and note the correction at the end of the article.

I find inspiration from the timeless words of Edmund Burke: “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

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